Public Speaking: When Science Meets Art

There are no boring topics-only boring speakers. I say this in all my speeches and seminars. The audience may look at me with skepticism but they eventually realize the truth. I tell them the story about Elliot who was in one of my Knockout Presentations workshops. I asked him to talk about a passionate topic. He chose his job of inventory control. After failing to convince him to choose another topic, I listened to Elliot speak about his job. Well, I was totally surprised. Elliot really was passionate about inventory control! The reason many presentations are boring is because the speakers lack passion. The give me the excuse that their topic is technical. Well, I'm here to say that public speaking is both a science and an art and when the two intersect it's magical. Here is a video to show how an otherwise dry presentation can be captivating and engaging when you combine it with art and creativity. Do you think this speaker engaged the audience? Do you know the art and science of speaking? What's stopping from giving a knockout presentation?

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