Jan McInnis

Finding the Funny Fast

Did you hear the one about the elephant who walks into a psychiatrist's office?... If you've ever been challenged finding your funny bone, you need to read Jan McInnis' book, Finding the Funny Fast.Humor is so important in a presentation. Laughter bonds you to the audience, breaks the ice, releases tension,and makes people feel good! And according to Jan, you'll get more favors if you make people laugh.

But if you're a recovering serious person like me, you may wonder if you're capable of being funny. Jan McInnis believes anyone can be funny once you know the formula. Finding the Funny is a quick read chock full of simple ideas for crafting jokes. The secret formula for finding humor is to ask questions. She observes her environment and notices what's missing or what stands out. She then asks herself, "What if it wasn't there?" "What's good about it?" She then creates lists of fun lines that answer the questions.

In a nutshell,writing jokes is about saying out loud what the audience is thinking and making connections between the environment and their experience. She uses analogies, stereotypes, and common assumptions to "get to the funny fast." Jan can write 15 jokes in two hours and believes creating humor doesn't have to be laborious.

The most memorable speakers and ads are the ones that are funny. This book is a great investment. I can't wait to try her techniques in my next speech.