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The Media Speaking Tip That Joe Walsh Missed

How many times do I have to say it? No caffeine before a presentation! Illinois Congressman, Joe Walsh, proved my point when he had a meltdown during a recent meeting with his constituents. He yelled at the crowd and told one woman he didn't care if her government job was cut. He later acknowledged that he was a "bit too passionate" with his constituents.

I say on page 78 of my book Knockout Presentations that coffee will make you more jittery. Don't drink coffee before a presentation. Politicians spend so much money on media training and yet in this case, Joe would have been better served by a nutritionist.

It's surprising how few speakers know how foods and chemicals can affect their performance.  We've all seen the impact of drinking alcohol before a presentation.  Stay away from sugary, heavy foods and if you must have coffee, switch to decaf. In Joe's case, make that herbal tea. Maybe I should send a free copy of Knockout Presentations to the 2012 candidates.