COACHING testimonials:

"I delivered the best lecture of my life. It was polished and smooth. I received numerous positive comments. The society leadership said it was one of the two best award lectures…Wow. Thanks for helping me pull this together."

Professor John McDevitt

"Just wanted to let you know that I used your 'Listener Centered Communication' tool for my most recent SOX Control Owner’s Briefings. It was the most impactful presentation that I have ever given – and the user evaluations were mostly 4’s & 5’s! Several people came up afterwards and told me that it was the best presentation they had seen in their years at TVA."

J. David Gamble
Tennessee Valley Authority

"Your coaching has been beyond valuable.
I am so grateful."

M.H. Managing Director
APG Asset Management US Inc.

"Your sound byte tutoring – recommending that I use 'Prevention and wellness is now more profitable than pathology' – has been getting good media results.”

Bob Wright, PhD.

"I want to thank you so so much for everything you’ve done in the past month. I have to admit that I was a bit scared to meet you and to delve into this but I’m so glad that I did. I feel like I’ve grown so much and my self esteem has really risen. This speech is what I would do if I ‘wasn’t afraid’ and I sincerely appreciate all the advice you gave me today and at our previous sessions about walking the line between leadership and aggressiveness for women. I feel like I’ve learnt from a master and public speaking will no longer scare me more than a 3 month trip across Asia - Europe!”

F. Nan

"Wow… Just signed on to take the DISC program with Diane and she helpd me learn how to communicate with style!! Diane was simply amazing and her suggestions were ‘spot on.’ No one should miss this opportunity!”

Arlene Weidberg

"I’ve worked with several speech coaches but Diane DiResta was by far the best. Some coaches focused on my body language; others worked on my script, but Diane was the only one who used a holistic approach which integrates all the aspects of speaking. I plan to work with her again.”

Ruth Brayer
President, Brayer Handwriting International, New York

"I had to prepare for a presentation and used DiResta Communications’ to try and get my speech together. The site was wonderful and helped me to completely put together a great speech. It was so easy and just what I needed. A great perk was when you use speechmaker you get a free 10 minute phone consultation. I honestly wasn’t sure if anyone would call but the next morning I got a call from Diane herself and she was great. She gave me great tips and talked me through a great presentation. I can completely recommend Diane DiResta & DiResta Communications!!”

Dawn Fitch
Owner, Pooka

"thanks to all your help, I received a standing ovation! the key was in being prepared which gave me the self-confidence that I needed.”

C. O’Neill
The Michelle O’Neill Foundation

"You’re a true expert in the field of presentation skills. On each sales call I have made since the training in May, I have used your skills set. The result is exactly what I was looking for. We are having more effective sales calls and are gaining more support from both our new and existing account base. I'd like to have you come back on an annual basis and run a refresher course for the group.”

Regional Sales Manager
Boise Cascade

"Your eight week program did more than show me the fundamentals of a successful speaker, it helped to build my confidence. Needless to say, the speech was a tremendous success. It actually was voted as the best presentation for the weekend session.”

Vice President, General Manager
Resolution Graphics, Division of Grey Direct

"I found the Present with Power program content extremely relevant and useful, especially the piece on persuading your audience. I used your techniques the following day to persuade our senior staff group to approve an employee recognition committee proposal…. and it worked! I now keep your outline at my fingertips.”

HIP Health Plan of New Jersey

"Diane’s presentation, Selling with Style, kept our attention with her interactive approach and keen sense of humor. Her high level of energy and her enthusiasm riveted the audience from the start. The presentation was clear, concise, informative and very animated; she really captivated the group. Diane is a first rate presenter and the content was thought provoking and easily applied to real life situations.”

Director of Education & Training
Bermuda Insurance Institute

"The Train-the-Trainer program that you developed for MEDCO has been an unqualified success for us. The feedback from the line managers we have sent to this program has consistently been excellent. Perhaps the most significant point that can be said is that this program is clearly contributing to improved efficiency and productivity.”

Director of Training and Organizational Development

"Top-notch, skilled coach. Insightful, direct, constructive feedback. Encourages and recognizes improvements/successes, as well. Relaxed, but very constructive coaching. Takes what can be an uncomfortable experience (recording yourself on video) and makes it a constructive tool.”

Merrill Lynch

"My presentations went very, very well. I was told by several people that they did not know that I am ‘a professional presenter.’ I was able to apply all the techniques and I have already received four requests for follow ups. In the end, the techniques that helped me the most were how to handle questions and answers, of which I had many. Thanks again for a great job, your coaching was incredibly helpful.”

Citigroup Private Bank

"Listened to your LISTEN & SELL CD on the way to the office this A.M. Very nicely done! You offer numerous real world examples that our sales force will relate to and can put to use immediately.”

Jon Altpeter
Rose Pest Control

"In one hour you had more effect on my daughter’s presentation and interview skills than all of her meetings with her college career counselors ever did.”

C. McCague

"Everyone raved about my talk… All of the TV and radio producers have been quite happy with the results and many have invited me back.”

E. Spragins
Author, What I know Now: Letters to My Younger Self