How to Give a Knockout Presentation Webinar Series

Craft and Deliver Your Presentation With Clarity, Confidence, and Impact

Increase your influence and confidence in your business or career.

Your success today depends on how well you present yourself, your message and your value to the marketplace, and that takes excellent presentation skills.

Webinar Series: $297.00

"Speaking is the new competitive advantage. You can no longer avoid this skill."


President and CEO, DiResta Communications Inc.

“The online webinar sessions had true impact in building structure in my presentation and gave me confidence in my role as a public speaker.”

Sylvie van Tilburg
Training Manager


Class 1: Dynamic Delivery Skills

  • How to control nervousness so that you look and sound confident
  • Identify what  confidence looks like, sounds like, and how to speak the language of confidence
  • Use your voice to speak with authority and command the room
  • How to weed out wimpy words and replace them with power words

If you can’t attend a live workshop, this is the next best thing.

Class 2: Crafting the Message

  • Create laser-like focus to achieve your desired presentation outcomes
  • Profile your audience to ensure your message targets their self-interests
  • Reduce preparation time by organizing your talk in 7 easy steps quickly and powerfully
  • Develop visual aids that enhance your message and let you be the focus

If you’re afraid to attend a speaking workshop, this webinar series will get you started on the path to public speaking.

Class 3: Handling Q&A

  • How to prepare for Q&A so that you’re not ambushed
  • Learn to keep control with this simple five step formula for managing Q&A sessions
  • To recognize and handle the most common difficult personalities with confidence
  • How to recover with grace when you make a mistake

Benefits: This experience will enable you to:

  • Gain confidence
  • Get to the point
  • Be clear, concise, and compelling
  • Reduce preparation time
  • Overcome the fear of public speaking

Stop avoiding public speaking. Step up and stand out. Learn the secrets of master Public Speakers and start reaping the benefits.

Webinar Series: $297.00