Are You the Right Leader?

Many of my clients hire me to help them with their "Executive Presence."
To be effective, you need to look and sound like a leader. But there is another area of business leadership. It's about the right fit.
When I did outplacement work in the 1990s, I discovered that most people were in the wrong jobs.
They had the right skill set and were the right candidate on paper. So why didn't they succeed?

Nat Stoddard and Claire Wycoff, authors of The Right Leader, know the answer. After years of working with C-level executives, Nat discovered that 40% of those executives would leave their jobs in 18 months. Yet, they were intelligent, skilled, experienced, likable, talented people. This statistic was true whether candidates were hired internally or externally. They realized that character and cultural fit were as important as skills and experience.

As a result, the Match Fit model was developed. The model, which is described in the book, serves as an assessment tool to increase the success of newly hired executives.
Finally, companies and leaders can save themselves frustration, embarrassment and costs due to low retention.

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