Public Speaking Lessons from Daymond John

NYC Thought Summit with Daymond John

NYC Thought Summit with Daymond John

I'm swimming with the sharks! Last year I learned from Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank. His relaxed public speaking style was delightful. O'Leary was a real storyteller. During his presentation he even predicted Trump's election! 

This month I got to hear my favorite shark, Daymond John. He kicked off the C-Suite Advisors Network NYC Thought Summit on December 5th where I had the honor of speaking about Perfecting Your Presence. Unlike Kevin O'Leary, he didn't give a formal presentation. He was invited to give a fireside chat on the main stage. Daymond was interviewed by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Founder of C-Suite Network. They traded stories of success and failure in business. Daymond talked about his Shark Tank team members and how he got along with all of them. He addressed the importance of team members in business and hiring people who were smarter than he. The conversation took a number of turns, addressing the value of finding a mentor and not waiting for success to happen. He revealed that the downside of success is the "demands on you are so crazy that you sacrifice your family, your health, and time/life balance. You can also drown in opportunities. If you're not focused on the one thing - you can spread yourself too thin". Additionally, he credited his mother for the lessons she taught him. The main public speaking lesson I learned from him was to be authentic and vulnerable. Both Daymond and Jeffrey are straight shooters and exhibited a "take it or leave it" attitude when it came to their presentation styles. 

During the live on-stage interview, there was no 5 second delay button and both let out an expletive more than once. It suited the audience of entrepreneurs and one got the impression that it wouldn't matter anyway. He is the same person on and off the stage. And that's presentation power!

Clearly, Daymond was the main star, but the event was energized by panels, five minute showcases, and group masterminds.