Deliver What You Promise

I'm speaking at a conference in Washington D.C. I met my friend as I was heading to the convention center and she was going back to her hotel room. She told me that she attended an early session to gain insights on her competition.
She was appalled by the session. When I asked why she said that the speaker knocked the competition and that the entire presentation was a commerical. He kept saying "Here's what we can do for you."

People don't want a sales pitch when they attend a presentation. They want information, ideas, and inspiration. The platform is a privlege. What some speakers don't understand is that they shoot themselves in the foot when they hardsell.

They disrespect the audience and the meeting planner who invited them to speak.
Provide value for the audience and they'll want to do business with you. In other words, when you deliver what you promise, you'll reap the rewards. Too much selling from the platform will cost you business.
Remember: Good platform skills plus valuable content= more business, a strong brand,and a better reputation.