Even Pizzarias Make Presentations

Recently I went to a local pizzaria. I ordered an eggplant hero and a salad. I stepped aside and waited for my takeout order. After a while a young man said my food was ready and he rang up my order. After I paid him he walked back into the kitchen.There was a pizza box on the counter. I stood there waiting for him to bring out my food but it never came.
The impatience must have showed on my face because the owner came over to the counter.
He asked if he could help me. I said that I paid for my food but the waiter never brought it out. The owner pointed to the pizza box and said "It's right here."

Well, why would I know a salad and sandwich were in a pizza box? Usually they put them in a paper bag. He placed a pizza box on the counter, took my money and walked away. The young man never PRESENTED IT to me. That was like a speech that has no conclusion. It leaves the audience confused.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I am now in a Subway shop ordering a tuna hero. I watch the server as he fills the sandwich. He takes my money and walks to the cash register.
He never comes back. I kept waiting for him to bring me the sandwich. I didn't see it. Finally I told someone else that I was waiting for my sandwich. They told me it was on the counter. I walked over to the end of the counter and there it was sitting by the register where the server left it. He never PRESENTED IT to me. He made the sandwich, put it down and went into the kitchen. What is going on here? While this may seem like a customer service issue there are lessons here for business presenters.

1.Always have a clear, strong conclusion.
2.Don't assume your audience understands your business.
3.Never disrespect your audience or leave them confused.
4.End your presentation with a smile and a thank you.

Your presentation IS your business.