Get Your Message Across with Knockout Video Marketing

Video marketing is hot.  That's probably because most people are visual and nothing tells a story better than video.  I receive many requests for coaching and public speaking from my youtube channel. But videomarketing success depends on how well you present your message.An email  popped up in my inbox this morning. It was for an online template to make  the process of social media easier. I decided to give it a look and clicked on their  2 minute video. I watched the entire video because it kept my attention.

It started with a musical opening and company name. I usually look for the scroll button to fast forward during most introductions but this time I didn't. It was only 3 or 4 seconds long. The video spoke directly to the audience and didn't bore me with the usual company history and "why we're the greatest company since sliced bread" pitch. Instead, they dove right into the  customer's problem and the solution provided by their product.  The graphics in the demo were large and simple and the voiceover was energetic and moved quickly. The call to action was to sign up for the free service.  Your video presentation should tell a story from the listener's point of view, touch on the pain points, and quickly present a solution. End with a call to action and remove any barriers to entry by providing a free sample.  I haven't used this tool so I can't endorse it.  But I can tell you that this is a good example of a well produced video. What do think? Send me your favorite video marketing sites.