How to Give a Video Testimonial

In this age of digital marketing, video testimonials are the next hot thing.  Why? Because video presentations  meet the  "know, like, trust"  test. Youtube is the second largest search engine after google. Virtual communication will never totally replace the face-to-face encounter.  People like high tech but they yearn for high touch. And a video presentation is the next best thing to being there. I tell my audiences that speaking is the new competitive weapon. Still, people resist and tell me that they're not public speakers. Well, what if  somebody asks you for a video testimonial? That's public speaking. You might as well learn the skill of public speaking. It's not going away.

Your video presentation can be a gift or a curse to the person who asks for a testimonial. A video testimonial will not sell the audience if the speaker has poor presentation skills. What presenters may forget is that the same speaking skills apply whether you're speaking live or on video.

Watch how Alan Weiss skillfully gives his testimonial. It has a beginning or introduction where he establishes his credibility and introduces the person he'll endorse. In the middle, or the body, he gives the testimonial, and  in his conclusion, he ends with a call to action. He loops back to his opening chess analogy. You don't need a professional videographer or fancy staging to be effective, but you do need  good lighting and to make eye contact with the camera.  See for yourself.