Monetize Your Mouth: Grow Your Business Using Video Presentations

Is 2012 the year of video marketing? Yes, according to Adam Singolda, MediaPost’s Online Video Insider.

If public speaking is the new competitive weapon, then video presentations are the next best thing to being there. According to Cisco, by 2013, video streaming will account for 90 percent of all Internet traffic. Video marketing is exploding! YouTube is the second most popular search engine next to Google, and Facebook is the No. 2 site for videos after YouTube.

Why Engage in Video Marketing?

  • Video presentations enable you to reach a massive, global audience.
  • Video presentations establish you as an expert.
  • Video presentations build your brand.
  • Video presentations can increase your conversion rate.
  • Video presentations level the playing field for small business.

Video placed on a website is 53 percent more likely to be found on the first page of a Google search. And websites with video sell 45 percent more products and services than sites that don’t feature video. Video provides the “know, like, trust” factor so important in selling.

Tips for Producing a ‘Knockout’ Video Presentation:

You don’t need a broadcasting background to produce effective online video presentations.

But here are some guidelines for making the most of your videos:

  1. Content is king. Viewers want valuable information and won’t watch a commercial. The key to effective video presentations is to position your company as a resource. You can hire a professional videographer, but don’t stress over video equipment if you don’t have a budget. A webcam, smart phone or Flip video camcorder will do. Just get started.
  2. Follow the KISS formula. Keep it short and simple. Aim for a 30-90 second video presentation with no more than a three-second music lead-in. Grab interest in the first 5-10 seconds. Does your video tell a good story? Does it quickly communicate an idea?
  3. Lighten up and be you. If you’re nervous about public speaking, video allows you several takes. Nobody wants to watch a talking head, so create a conversation with the audience. A brief interview with you answering your buyer’s concerns is an easy and effective format for any video presentation. Another technique is to add a voiceover to an interesting PowerPoint presentation. This format is especially powerful because it accesses both the left and right brain.
  4. Distribute your video on several sites in addition to yours. Be sure to create content around your company’s most powerful keywords. Post your video clips on YouTube and Vimeo. Send links and offer them to the editors of other small business sites, blogs and social media platforms.
  5. Interact with the viewers. Video presentations can create an emotional connection.

Answer questions (FAQs), tell your story, shoot on location and add video testimonials from satisfied customers. A video endorsement is more persuasive and establishes greater trust. End your video presentation with a call to action.

The future is here. Small business owners cannot afford to market without video. Video is quickly becoming the Internet medium of choice, and it is going viral. It’s fast and affordable. You can grow your business without leaving the office. So create a video presentation and monetize your mouth.

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