Politics and Presentations

Last night I attended a Town Hall meeting. The crowd was quite vocal and not at all reticent about expressing strong opinions regarding health care reform. Some people rambled, some got to the point, while others heckled. Then one college student approached the microphone. She was well prepared as she gave her name and her major. The young woman referred to her notes and stayed on message. When the crowd got loud she got louder. She never backed down and continued until she made her point. This student was clear, prepared and passionate. When she finished the Congressman stopped her. "What was your major again?" he asked. She told him. He said, "Send me your resume."

I don't remember exactly what she said but I remember her. You never know where you will find an opportunity to find a job or make a sale. This student wasn't there to find a job. but because of her passion and presentation skills she attracted a job interview.

The lesson? Be in principle and on purpose.
The next time you're going about your business speaking your mind, someone, somewhere, just might make you an offer.