Press Release: Diane DiResta Gives a Knockout Interview on WABC Radio


New York, NY Sept 12, 2016 -- Diane DiResta, CSP, author of Knockout Presentations, and Founder and CEO of DiResta Communications, a New York City consultancy, was interviewed by Yitzchok Saftlas, host of Mind Your Business on 77WABC radio, during the C-Suite conference at the NY Times building, in New York City.

DiResta stated that, “Speaking is a leadership skill and is the new competitive advantage. You can no longer be without this skill.”

Ms. DiResta was invited to do a book signing for attendees the night before the C-Suite conference began. She signed copies of her book, Knockout Presentations, which was recently selected as recommended reading in C-Suite Book Club.

Diane DiResta with Jeffrey Hayzlett at the C-Suite Book Club Book Signing

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Speaking is a leadership skill and is the new competitive advantage. You can no longer be without this skill.”


Diane DiResta, CSP, is Founder and CEO of DiResta Communications, Inc., a New York City consultancy serving business leaders who deliver high stakes presentations— whether one-to-one, in front of a crowd or from an electronic platform.   DiResta is the author of Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message with Power, Punch, and Pizzazz, an category best-seller and widely-used text in college business communication courses and author of the ebook, Give Fear the Finger, She has unique ability to get to the core of the message and translate complexity into simplicity.

Diane is Past President of the NYC chapter of National Speakers Association and former media trainer for the NBA and WNBA. Diane is a Certified Speaking Professional and licensed Speech Pathologist.


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