Steve Jobs-A Visionary, Gamechanger, and Role Model for Public Speakers

Steve Jobs changed the world as we knew it. He also served as a role model for motivational speakers. In 2005, he gave the commencement address at Stanford. Unlike the typical unremarkable and easily forgetable speeches, Steve gave a knockout commencement speech.  Forgoing the usual platitudes, famous quotes, and boring directives, Steve told a heartfelt story about his journey, which turned out to be the classic hero's journey. But he told it in a way that every student could relate to. He  used the 'rule of three' by telling three stories and wrapping them in the theme of " Do What You Love".  So simply put, tell your story, speak to the heart, and remember the rule of three.  Steve Jobs left an indelible mark on the world-as a visionary, a creative genius, an entrepreneur, and a public speaker.  To read the commencement speech click here.