Do You Feel Like A Turkey When You're Presenting?

2013 TURKEY 2Don't let your head be on the chopping block. Keep abreast of these three public speaking trends and your audience will gobble up your ideas.

  1. Storytelling continues to be a valued and powerful speaking technique. Leaders will feel the need to become storytellers. Sales professionals will have to let go of their PowerPoint decks and tell the customer’s story.
  2. Video presentations are exploding. Youtube is the number 2 search engine after google. Video conferencing and remote coaching are growing in popularity due to the virtual workplace. I find that I'm doing more virtual coaching these days. Technology makes it easy. A job applicant will make a more memorable impression with a video resume.
  3. Audiences care about their own self interests. Attention spans are getting shorter and tolerance for fluff is dwindling. Effective public speakers make the message about the audience. Remember WIIFM: What’s in it for me?

FACT: This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful to have the privilege of the platform and the opportunity to serve my clients.