The Art of the Comeback

As I watch the U.S. presidential debates, the pressure is starting to mount. The candidates are beginning to find fault with their competitors. Recently, the Clinton camp accused Barak Obama of stating his intention to be president in a written essay in kindergarten. The implication was that he was calculating and the presidency was a life long plan.

Here was Obama's response. "I must have been very smart if I could have written an essay in kindergarten." Touche.

Jane Trahey, a former advertising executive told a story about her corporate experience. During a meeting where she presented her great idea one of her male colleagues threatened to steal it. He said, "I like that idea, Jane. I think I'll take it to the president's office.

Here was Jane's respones. "Well, it's not such a heavy idea that I can't carry it there myself." Touche.

If you're not glib, and blessed with a silver tongue and mercurial wit don't worry. You can engage in planned spontaneity. Simply anticipate what your competition could say to challenge you and then plan your response. Then the next time you get thrown a curve ball instead of looking like a deer in the headlights, you'll be a master of the comeback.