The Power is in the Follow Up

One of the most overlooked practices in business presentations is follow up.
Speakers spend so much time preparing (pre-work) and delivering the message, yet they forget to complete the process.
You can wow them from the platform but as soon as they lexit, your message may be left at the door. To reinforce the message, follow up with an email or phone call. Leave them a card with a few of your tips.

If you speak to market yourself, the power is in the follow up. Most people will not call you. It may take several contacts before anything happens. I spoke in 2003 at a networking breakfast. In 2004, someone from the audience called me to do business. Why not in 2003? They didn't have a need.

In April of this year, I sat next to someone who had been at the same 2003 event and remembered me. She asked if I did presentation training. I stayed in touch through emails, phone calls and lunch. In August we are going to run some seminars for the company.

Follow up is relationship building. This is especially true in networking. How often do people take a card and do nothing? Some networkers meet once and if nothing happens they move on. Success is not transactional. Success is about relationships.
Building the know-like-trust factor takes time. It's not about you-it's about them.
Focus on what you can do for others and follow up.

To create a followup system try this amazing tool