Thirty Seconds to Win or Lose

It takes 30 seconds or less for an audience to decide to listen or tune out.

Your opening must grab and focus attention.
Most people I coach have difficulty getting started. People are most nervous at the beginning of a speech. Even when their speech is well organized they hem and haw during their opening.
It's like revving up a car on a cold, winter day. It takes time to get the motor running.
They may start with "So...I want to tell you about..." or "Good morning, um, I think my idea is, I feel this is a good idea.."

This scattered approach will set you up for failure. Your opening must be crisp and focused. The way to achieve that is to write your opening line and memorize it.
Recently, I worked with someone who had a technology product that would benefit the audience. But it took the speaker too long to get to the point.

We worked on refining the opening: "I'm going to show you a way to make your life easier. It will enable you to pull the data faster."
The speaker captured their attention, focused the presentation, and sounded more confident.
The presentation was a success.

When it comes to opening statements-less is more.