What Every Motivational Speaker Knows That You Don't

What if there was a way for you to rev up your audience every time? What if you could anchor them emotionally to your message during every presentation? Well, you can. The  top public  speakers know the secret to successful speaking and creating a wow factor for the audience.  Motivational speakers use music. Listen to your favorite song on the radio and you'll experience a flood of memories. That song is ingrained in your brain. Music is a powerful anchor to your emotions. You hear the song and you're instantly transported to that time and place where you first heard it.

Did you ever wonder why every national convention plays music before the presentations, during the breaks, and after the presentations? Music creates an emotional link.

Dr. Concetta Tomaino, director of the institute for Music and Neurologic Function states, "Once the emotional link to music is established, our neurological reactions are profound. Our brain creates hard-wired responses to certain situations that are repeated when listening to the music. Music can actually change our mood. In fact, it can increase performance.

Certain songs can trigger the release of dopamine and seratonin in the brain which are "feel good" hormones. Music that is uplifiting  should have the same rhythm as our heartbeats (60-80 beats per minute). Mozart and many classical pieces have this rhythm.  Rhythm above 80 beats per minute can rev up the crowd or cause anxiety. That's why many conventions play rock music. It has a fast beat to energize the audience.

Music will enhance your presentations and seminars. Use slower music for writing or group exercises. Pump up the volume and the beat to energize and motivate the audience.  When you play music during a paid speaking engagement, be aware that you'll need to pay a licensing fee. Or, you can buy royalty free music.

Today's audiences expect an entertaining experience. Experiment with music and watch the magic happen.