When is a Smile a Liability?

In watching the news recently, Debra Favre, the teacher convicted of having a sexual relationship with an under age student was relieved from spending any time in jail.
As she was walking with her attorney and stopped by reporters she broke into a big smile. This behavior was inappropriate given the gravity of the situation. She seemed to be basking with delight in the limelight. Although escaping a jail sentence is good news, her beaming smile sent a negative message. She appeared to have no remorse and didn't seem to acknowledge the seriousness of her offense. Maybe she was in denial. But she did not appear sympathetic.
As in any form of communication, body language is the real message. How you present yourself is first conveyed through the body. That's why it's important to be aware of your off-camera behavior. Somewhere, someone will pick up on the message. Most of us will not be on screen but our "off-camera" behavior can be seen in the board room, during a panel discussion, or an interiew. It's critical to get control of the body language. You may be sending off unintended messages.