Diane’s presentation at WEB 2017 was a knockout.   WEB (Women Entrepreneurs Boot Camp) is designed to give female founders the practical tools to build successful businesses, and Diane’s impactful, practical and attention-grabbing Pitching to Perfection presentation  imparted critical learning on how to be poised in front of a room and on stage, exude confidence and be compelling in conveying your message.   WEB participants came away feeling empowered, energized and ready to conquer the world, thanks to Diane.

Lynn Loacker
Founder, WEB
Partner-in-Charge, New York office, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

"Last night Diane DiResta gave the most amazing and comprehensive workshop — Speak Powerfully and Sell More!! It was so helpful to watch a master at work. She over delivered. Her interactive presentation had us in the palm of her hand. We all left with tips for speaking with confidence. It is such a privilege and a pleasure to be able to learn from the best!! Diane is the consummate speaker!! On behalf of all the LEXCI’s, I would like to thank Diane for a KNOCKOUT PERFORMANCE!!!!"

Andrea March
Co-founder Women’s Leadership Exchange

"Diane has a fun, energetic way of teaching. Anyone would benefit from the tips and techniques.”

Marketing Manager


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"Your presentation skills program has made such a difference over the past three years since you began working with us. The participants rave about your program. The high quality of your training is evident and the participants appreciate your high energy and positive approach. As you know, you have a sterling reputation with our people which is why you have been called upon to do media training for our players, Bob Lanier, Rolando Blackman, and Ruthie Bolton-Holyfield…”

Director of Human Resources

"I have compiled the feedback from the latest round of Presentation Skills you did for the Private Bank. It was excellent as usual…Your ability to do a quick study of the business and talk the language quickly, as well as build real and usable skills, is why I like working with you…you always make my decisions look good!”

Vice President Private Banking
 Chase Manhattan Bank

"I have heard many positive comments from the participants and I am glad the Train-the-Trainer course was such a success. Your ability to inspire an audience and communicate what is expected of a trainer was a large part of this success…”

President and CEO
Helena Chemical Company


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"I have known Diane for almost 10 years.  She is a phenomenal professional who commands any room she walks in to!  She has an engaging presence which allows her to connect with her audience – regardless of the level, business unit or industry.

I have asked Diane to come into organizations to instruct leaders on the best practices of facilitation and she has consistently scored perfectly!  Audience members repeatedly ask for her return.

I would highly recommend any organization to bring Diane into speak with their teams!"

Deneen Bennett
former Training Director, Michael Kors

"Thank you, Diane! What a great presentation. Your words are still echoing… Your talk shed a new light on the value of public speaking opportunities as career and business assets. You stayed on message, kept it moving and made it fun. It was like a live TED Talk. You’re a living example of the power and potential of public speaking to shape the future. When and where will you do another similar presentation? I’d like to bring a colleague to the next one."

Dièry Prudent
President, RolPal, Inc.

"Our company’s Women in Leadership Business Resource Council had the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Diane DiResta to our headquarters in Chicago this summer for our quarterly meeting. The session was billed as “10 Ways Women Sabotage Communication.” Based on the topic and background we provided our members, we had we had incredible attendance of almost 200 women onsite, with many others dialing in from subsidiary locations.

The feedback from the session was outstanding. I received several emails, and people have reached out to let me know how much they enjoyed it. They liked that it wasn’t an overload of information, but rather concrete steps they could take immediately to improve their communication. It helped people identify habits they didn’t realize they had, and they now plan on working on. Diane’s delivery and enthusiasm added to the session.

Overall, the council members and Executive Committee were very pleased with Diane’s session, and we look forward to working with her again soon."

Joanna M.
Second Vice President, Northern Trust


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"I recently attended Diane DiResta’s “Speak with Power and Confidence” workshop. Diane energizes the room and exudes charisma and confidence, yet with a touch of humor and entertaining examples. In this 1 ½ hour tips packed workshop, Diane demonstrated her strong abilities to deliver in no time key public speaking advice that would help any audience seeking to deliver powerful and impactful messages and presentations. I highly recommend Diane DiResta."

Marie-Pierre Frackowiak
Enterprise Risk Management - Risk, Compliance, Business Strategy, Performance Improvement, Multilingual

"Diane is a dynamic speaker whose presentation, "Communicating with Style," to 100 female Soldiers during Operation Reinvent's Career Transition & Empowerment Workshops at Fort Bragg and Fort Hood was extraordinary. Diane is an exceptional motivator and coach whose tips and insights will be of great value to these women as they step out of uniform and seek new careers. We can't thank her enough!"

Nancy Northrop
Non-Profit Org. Leader & Business Development Consultant, Operation Reinvent

"I worked with Diane in a public speaking course put on through my employer. I entered the class thinking I was a pretty good presenter because I didn't get nervous like most folks. Seeing yourself give a presentation and having it constructively critiqued is an eye opener! Diane was able to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses as a presenter and improve on them in a meaningful and lasting way. I continue to see the benefits of our time together. When I recently enrolled to get my MBA our first assignment as a group of 5 was to put together a presentation during orientation. Using what I'd learned, not only was my group recognized for best group presentation of the class, I was singled out individually as best presenter in the entire class. I recommend Diane for everyone, even if you've been in front of large groups several times and think you're a pro. Thanks!!"

Domenic Musco
Senior Program Manager, Franklin Energy Services


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"Diane, Thank you for your presentation, Creating Confidence: 10 Ways Women Sabotage Communication in the Workplace. It was very well received! Feedback has been very positive given the practical, easy to apply tips you shared. Ideas on how to reinforce the habits for the Women’s Collective is our next step. Thanks for a great workshop."

Pauline Morris
VP, Human Resources

"Diane is an excellent coach and can improve the skills of her audience within hours. She is smart, witty, engaging and comes with years of authentic speaking experience we can all learn from."

Kimberly Bates
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

"Diane is a "must hear" for women at all stages of their careers - entry, mid and executive leaders. I introduced her to speak at my company for our diversity group and she delivered an outstanding presentation. She provided the audience with tremendous insights into their behavior and provided practical tips to enhance their executive presence and increase their confidence."

Deborah Kaye
Non Profit Advisor


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"We enlisted the help of Diane DiResta to deliver a two day ‘Knockout Presentations’ session for a select group of our top Account Executives, and the results were immediate! Diane was able to engage our group while expanding their ability to deliver far more resonant solutions to our clients."

Jeff Johnson 
Director of Sales and Product Training for Time Warner Cable Media