Learn how to pack a punch with every word to achieve the results you desire in any situation. We teach senior leaders how to communicate with confidence and clarity, gaining the gravitas to impact audiences of one or one thousand.

  • Do you exude executive presence?

  • Is your lack of gravitas impacting your leadership and your brand?

  • Are you hungry to achieve a higher level of influence?

Our process ensures that any individual will become a more powerful, more effective speaker over the course of our training. Through a combination of assessments, consulting, facilitating, focus groups, keynote speeches, retreats, workshops, educational books and audio trainings, you will transform the way you communicate in business and in life.

Step #1: Influential Leader ACTion Plan™

Start by booking an Influential Leader Action Plan™, a one-on-one high level intensive session with Diane to identify and determine your communication strengths, weaknesses and goals. Receive a clear action plan on areas of focus and the unique opportunities you have at your fingertips.

This eye-opening experience will show you skills you don’t know you have, and habits you didn’t know you needed to break. By the end you will be crystal clear on the incredible potential you have to be a Knockout Speaker™.

4M Masterful Communications System™

Based on your Influential Leader Action Plan™, Diane will recommend the most effective version of the 4M Masterful Communications Coaching System™ to achieve your desired goals with long lasting effects.

Depending on how high you want to soar, and how much time you have to commit, this 3-6 month coaching program will ensure that you become the Knockout Speaker you aspire to be.

Can also be delivered as a 1-day intensive Speaking Matters™.

"We were looking for a significant investment of 300M for our facility in Lyon, France. It takes 5 years from construction to licensed facility and we were doing clinical trials, 3 years away, so the investment was high risk. And we didn't even know if the vaccine worked.

I needed to be as clear, understandable, and effective as possible to convey that this type of risk was worth it. I got the funding. The facility is built and ready to go. The product will sell over $1 billion per year. Without your help on that presentation, and convincing the executive committee to invest, we wouldn’t have the product.”

- Wayne Pisano

   CEO, of Sanofi Pasteur