Do You Have Your Public Speaking MBA?

Diane with Lionel from WPIX On Saturday, October 19, I spoke at the WPIX, Channel 11 Health & Wellness Expo at the Javits Center in New York City. I was in good company with celebrity speakers like Dr. Steve, Dr. Ian Smith, Lionel the WPIX commentator, and others. My presentation, Mind Body Speaking: The Key to Confidence, was well-attended. Every seat was filled, and there were people standing to hear the message.

When I asked the audience what they wanted to learn, the unanimous response was confidence. During the talk, I introduced the topic of a public speaking MBA. MBA stands for Mind, Body, Audience.

The first goal is to manage your mind with positive intentions. The audience created three positive I Am statements to say to themselves before a presentation. They learned how to get centered in their bodies by focusing on the breath, and by participating in empowering body postures. Finally, they learned how to make an "I" connection with individuals in the audience to create a relationship.

They walked away with practical tools and the understanding that the mind is the key to successful public speaking.