How Did a College Intern Trump Me in Public Speaking?

threeHow did a college intern trump me in public speaking? My marketing intern from Berkley College in New York City is from Korea and she is studying marketing as well as working on her English language skills. That was one of the reasons she was interested in interning with DiResta Communications. This semester Alaina is taking classes in marketing research and public speaking.

Last week, she came into my office to tell me she had given her first speech in her college public speaking course and got an A!  We were so proud of her especially since English is her second language. When I was in college, I only got a B. And today I'm a professional speaker! So what did she know that I didn't?

Alaina shared with us that her professor complimented her on using the Rule of Three. She had learned about the power of three last month when I was coaching a client by skype. My client was interviewing for a job and we had just worked on her personal branding statement. I asked my college intern to sit in front of the computer to listen to the branding statement. She remembered that the client listed three skills. I explained the power of three in presentations especially in the U.S. culture.

She quickly applied the lesson in her public speaking class and scored an A. She had an unfair advantage-personal advice from a professional speaker and executive speech coach. To learn more about the Rule of Three and why it's important click here.