It's All in the Hands

Your presentation doesn't begin with your opening remarks. It begins with your handshake. The handshake can be the basis for getting a job or making a sale. How you shake hands says something about you.
The ideal handshake is a firm clasp with the thumbs meeting web to web. It's the same for men and women. The handshake is definitely an equal opportunity communication. However, there are some aberrations or dysfunctional handshakes.
Bone Crusher
The vice grip or bone crusher grabs your hand with so much pressure your fingers hurt-especially if you're wearing a ring. This is often a sign of dominance and aggression.
Jelly Fish
The limp handshake can be anything from a full handshake without any pressure to a three finger contact. Sometimes the palm is clammy as well. This signals weakness and lack of confidence. When I worked on Wall Street the manager of a trading desk told me he never hired a man with a weak handshake.
The Shoulder Grab
The person shakes your right hand and with the left hand either touches the shoulder or forearm. This is a gesture of familiarity and should not be used in business unless it's between friends.
The Non-Shaker
A person who avoids a handshake will not extend a hand or will withdraw it quickly.
People who recoil from shaking hands often fear germs. This lack of social contact communicates coldness and makes the person less attractive.

Your handshake is your first impression. Make it a positive presentation.

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