The Eyes Have It

Darting or downcast eyes suggest nervousness or evasiveness. To shine in any media interview or presentation you must master eye contact. We connect through the eyes and eye contact is a powerful way to create a relationship with the audience.

For a satellite broadcast look directly into the camera. Steady your gaze. Excessive blinking will make you look nervous.

For all other media interviews look at the host and let the camera person worry about the angles.

When speaking on a panel, look out at the audience rather than the speaker. You'll want to identify body language signals before it's your turn to speak.

When speaking to a live audience break down the large group into sections with your eyes. Than speak directly to one person at a time in each section. That will create a relationship with your audience, you'll look focused and confident to the group, and you'll start to lose your nervousness when you talk to only one person at a time.
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