Online Communication is a Business Presentation

This was my question on linkedin: What is the best CRM for small business?

The first reply follows below:

"Your requirements are too generic - just about any stand-alone CRM has a web-based interface and integrates with Outlook and Quickbooks. Both Outlook and Quickbooks have CRM add-ons, for example, that meet your criteria. Intuit has an ecosystem of CRM and other vendors that integrate with QB. It's best to describe how you intend to use it - track leads, manage forecasts, run marketing campaigns, etc."

In face-to-face communication there is an immediate in-the- moment dialogue.
Questioner: "What's the best CRM for a small business?
Respondent: "What are you looking for?" or "What do you want to use it for?" or "Why do you ask?"

In written or social media being specific is even more important than when you're face-to-face. You don't have the time to dialogue in real time if you post a question to a group. So it's important to create a specific message and to target your question to a specific group.