What's Your Elevator Pitch?

If you got into an elevator with Donald Trump would you be able to pitch yourself or your idea so that he'd be interested? That's the question Susan Solovic, CEO of SBTV.com asked the audience at the NY XPO.

Susan talked about the Cs and Ps of a good elevator pitch.
When you craft it, make sure it's content appropriate, concise, compelling, clear, confident and gives a call to action. When delivering your pitch you must have poise, projection, passion and practice, practice, practice.

Finally, there must be a benefit to the listener. Describing yourself as an executive coach is boring. To stand out you can say, "I inspire companies and people to be the best they can be." If the listener asks you how you do that, you know you have a compelling pitch.

An elevator pitch is verbal marketing. Do you attract people with your words? As I always say, life is a presentation. Make yours a knockout!