Your Delivery is Only as Good as Your Proposal

One thing I've discovered is that speakers don't deliver their message effectively because they lack a solid foundation. I've spent two hours coaching speakers on their strategy, structure, and message points before we ever work on delivery. Only when they have a solid structure can they truly persuade their listeners.

Whether you work in business, sell for that business, or own your business, you'll be called upon to present a proposal. But you can fail to win the business even if you're a confident, dynamic speaker. You can't sell unless your proposal sells.

Adrian Miller, owner of Adrian Miller Sales Training, presented tips on Writing Proposals That Close More Sales at the NY XPO.

Adrian advised that your proposal Be Clear-use conversational language and no jargon.
Be Specific and Relevant. She warned againt Boiler Plate B.S. One size does not fit all.

Another mistake presenters make is they waste time on prospects who won't buy. Adrian was adament about not skipping over the qualifying step.
She then described the process: Begin with a Hook, Establish Goals, Speak to their Background, Summarize the Current Situation and Desired Outcome, then Present your Recommended Plan, Details, and Next Steps.

It's just as important to know what a proposal is not. It's not a price quote, a contract, an equipment spec sheet, or brochure copy.

And never forget-it's all about the prospect!