What's Your Intention?

Whether you're giving a formal presentation, speaking at a meeting or negotiating a contract, a successful outcome begins with a powerful intention. Too many speakers prepare their content but don't prepare their minds. What is it that you REALLY want?
Do you want the respect of your peers? Agreement from the client?
The subconscious mind is like an autoresponder. It doesn't judge, it doesn't make decisions,and it takes you literally. It obeys your command. It's the conscious mind that has the power to decide.

When you continue to get undesired responses, your subconscious mind is simply acting upon old programming. You can practice over and over again saying the words out loud. But if you don't begin with an intention and believe you can achieve it, you're simply a talking head.

So change the belief.
Create a clear intention with your conscious mind. Write your intention down. Focus on it until it is crytal clear. Intentions that are clear and specific will have a greater opportunity to manifest.